We think it’s a wonderful way to bring our community together and welcome all our visitors to this lovely village.
Last year’s 42nd Cropthorne Walkabout was a great success. As well as having lots of youngsters helping and taking part, we also had many new residents joining in to make the days so pleasant for everyone.

Slightly better weather meant that we made a profit of £7000. Approximately half of this went to the Church for maintenance and general funds. The remainder was used to support the local Parish magazine Five Alive, Scouting, Guiding, the W.I., Charlton Pre School, 2 other charities and our own badminton and bowls clubs.

We’re looking forward to good weather this year so our community can enjoy further reward.

Have fun and enjoy the days.
Cropthorne Walkabout Management Committee

Receiving a donation from the walkabout

Receiving a donation from the walkabout