If you are interested in having a stall, there are a very small number of spaces left at the 2019 walkabout on the 5th and 6th May, please contact us for full details


Stalls in Village Hall

1 Cross-stitch, Keep sakes & cards Mavis Pokorskis
2 Cosy Heart Crafts Mandy Edwards
3 Pyrography Tracy Mudway
4 Soaps Oliver Lister
5 Picture frames with craft inserts Janet Hilton
6 MooDoodle (Sunday only) Shelly Ward
7 Glass (Monday only) Hiromi
8 Poly' clay jewellery Julie Baylis
9 Books, mugs and tee shirts (Monday only) Jo Rowe 
10 Children's clothes (Sunday only) Jane Wallis
11   Sally Warren
12 Art Bob Denver
13 Wood turner and burner Janette Sherwood
14 Decorated wood Monica Bushell
15 Water colours Rowena Davis
16 Jewellery Tracy Anne
17 Books Lauren Bird
18 Partylite candles Liz Tindell
19 Makeup (Monday only)  Conney Caroline Greives
20 Bags & purses Analiza Jones
21 Skin care Kerry Oldfield

Outdoor Stalls

1 Plants W.J.Rowlings
2 Gin Bar Alan Merryweather
3 Plants Jeff Soulsby
4 Metal Craft Lisa Tartan-Smith
5 Mohair (Monday only) Sue Pickard
6 Bakery Richard Church
7 Fuit & Veg Liz Styan
8 Tony the sticks Monday only
9 Last chance ferret rescue  
10 Old Fashion sweets (Monday only) The Sherbet Piglet
11 Prosecco bar (Holland House) Karen Higham
12 Ferns (Monday only)  Julian Hawley
13 Crepes Janice Corbett
13 Emerald chiropractic Sunday only
14 Woodland Trust Annie Bristow